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Karin Sasamori
笹森 花梨
Karin Sasamori.png
Karin Sasamori in the anime.
Biographical Information
Birthdate December 1
Gender Female (♀)
Zodiac sign Sagittarius (♐)
Hair color Orange
Eye color Blue
Three sizes 84-56-82 cm (33-22-32 in)
Height 156 cm (5'2")
Blood type AB
First Appearances
Game debut To Heart 2
Manga debut To Heart 2
Anime debut To Heart 2
Voiced by
Japanese CV Saki Nakajima (中島 沙樹)

Karin Sasamori (笹森 花梨 Sasamori Karin?) is a member and the founder of the "mystery club".


Karin has golden-orange hair that is tied in two spiky ponytails where there is a pumpkin hair accessory on the right side with bangs hanging on the left side and dark-blue eyes.


Karin is very engrossed into occult so she makes a club, going to such lengths as to blackmailing Takaaki Kouno to try and keep the club running.  


  • The name Karin means "flower, blossom" (花) (ka) and "pear" (梨) (rin).
  • Karin's surname Sasamori means "Bamboo grass" (笹) (sasa) and "forest" (森) (mori).