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Lucy Maria Misora
Lucy Maria Misora.png
Visual novel artwork of Lucy Maria Misora.
Biographical Information
Birthdate February 30
Nickname(s) Ruuko Kireinasora (るーこ・きれいなそら)
Gender Female (♀)
Zodiac sign Pisces (♓)
Hair color Lavender
Eye color Crimson
Three sizes 79-57-78 cm (31-22-31 in)
Height 162 cm (5'3")
Blood type ?
First Appearances
Game debut To Heart 2
Manga debut To Heart 2
Anime debut To Heart 2
Voiced by
Japanese CV Rio Natsuki (夏樹 リオ)

Lucy Maria Misora (ルーシー・マリア・ミソラ Rūshī Maria Misora?), also known as Ruuko Kireinasora (るーこ・きれいなそら?), is a mysterious girl and a classmate of Takaaki Kouno.


Lucy has waist-length lavender hair and piercing crimson eyes that has a hint of purple.  


Lucy claims to be an alien and has the ability to commune with animals. One of her strange tendencies is to raise up her arms and say  (るー?) and she refers to humans as ū (うー?).