Sango Himeyuri
姫百() 珊瑚
Visual novel artwork of Sango Himeyuri.
Biographical Information
Birthdate June 16
Gender Female (♀)
Zodiac sign Gemini (♊)
Hair color Blue
Eye color Blue
Three sizes 76-56-78 cm (29-22-31 in)
Height 152 cm (5’12”)
Blood type O
Family Ruri Himeyuri (twin sister)
First Appearances
Game debut To Heart 2
Manga debut To Heart 2
Anime debut To Heart 2
Voiced by
Japanese CV Sayori Ishizuka (石塚 さより)

Sango Himeyuri (姫百合 珊瑚 Himeyuri Sango?) is one of the Himeyuri twins, her identical sister being Ruri.


As a contrast to Ruri, Sango is always bubbly and sweet, and is more open about her feelings for Takaaki. She copies Lucy's raised arm position and her rū.


Sango has light blue hair tied into two buns and matching blue eyes.